The Blow molds

        Choosing the right tool shop for the implementation of complex projects requires prudence, trust and technical knowledge. Blow molds differ from each other in terms of application and quality requirements. Other standards apply to the production of bottle molds for use in the medical industry, others for technical canisters. In our history, we have designed and implemented many forms for the production of packaging often differing in shape, advanced decoration and surface structure. These include, among others, forms for packaging: cosmetics, juices, sauces, household chemicals, distilled water and many others.

Our offer includes:

  • blow molds for the production of bottles, canisters, containers and other packaging
  • blow pins
  • sleeve teams (bells)
  • cutting knives
  • grippers adapted to robots and feeders
  • leak testers
  • equipment for details transporting
  • packaging equipment
  • other equipment necessary for the production on extrusion blow molding machines

We provide:

  • design for Bottle shape
  • 2D / 3D blow mold design
  • making a blow mold
  • implementation of the mold on the customer's machine
  • warranty and post-warranty service
  • bottle shape modifications
  • regeneration of blow molds