The Blow pins

        Blow mandrels are one of the elements necessary to carry out the production process on extruders with blow molding in EBM technology. Depending on the design of the machine, they are introduced into the blow mold from above, and when extruding larger containers it is often found at the bottom. Their task is to provide the amount of air that is necessary to blow the sleeve into the shape and dimensions of the forming socket. Blow pins should be sized to match the dimensions of the hole through which the air is fed. This usually depends on the diameter of the neck of the bottle or container. We have universal blow mandrels that fit most of the most popular machines - Techne, Uniloy, Kai Mei, General Plastic, Automa, Hesta, Magic and many more.

Our offer includes:

  • standard blow mandrels for EBM technology in the neck diameter range from 15 to 40 mm, for many popular machines - immediate availability
  • blow pins adapted to other than standard specifications - on request
  • special blow mandrels - on request

We guarantee:

  • sofortige Verfügbarkeit
  • immediate availability
  • measurement and adjustment to the customer's machine
  • short lead times for custom mandrels
  • competitive prices