We are a company specializing in the design and manufacture of blow molds and equipment necessary for production in blow molding technology. We strive to achieve the highest quality while maintaining competitive prices. We are distinguished by: quality, attention to detail and timely delivery of orders.
        We provide professional technical advice from the packaging design stage, adapting the shape of the container, bottle or canister to customer requirements. We make sure that the final product meets your expectations. We believe that the key to business success is full customer orientation. Our offer is not only blow molds, but also support during implementation and quick warranty and post-warranty service. We constantly strive to respond to your needs and even overtake them. Therefore, we are constantly training in terms of the latest technologies and improving service standards so that customers recommend our company and come back to us willingly.

The goal is to become a leader in your industry. We want our clients to receive products that exceed their expectations and to recommend us to others.

        Lifestyle and emerging trends determine the future and new needs. Changes brought about by the environment are dynamic and often of global scope. In these circumstances, only the ability to react quickly allows the entrepreneur to adapt the offer to the expectations of customers. To achieve this, every production company must have a reliable, dynamic supplier of high-quality production tools in a short time. The BLASFORM company is constantly working on such a name. We are successful because we are constantly improving the way we work both within the company and in dealing with clients. We want you to see us as a responsible and trustworthy partner.

Our company's mission is to offer and deliver on time quality tools that are the basis of production for our customers. We want to continually increase our market share and be recognized as a reliable company. We also strive to increase the potential and innovation of our products.

Our work is based on a team of people with high professional qualifications and modern software, which is why we can guarantee the proper quality of our products. The professionalism, commitment and reliability of our team is the key to effective order implementation.